Battleright Religion

All of the deities of Battleright became Gods before the Great War. The following are the gods, their domains and their history.

Name Alignment Portfolio Domains

Tyrral LG God of law, The Justicar Lord, Heavenly General Good, Law, Protection War & Strategy
Favored Weapon: Bastard sword

Tyrral is unique in that he was not mortal before attaining godhood, in fact he was the general of the Old God of Justice. In the a battle with the forces of evil and chaos the Old God of Justice was killed, his greatest general Tyrral then took up the mantle of deity and drove the forces of night back to the hellish domain from whence they came. Tyrral has reigned to this day inspiring from the lowly farmer to pick up a spear and defend his village from bandits, to the greatest generals the land has ever seen.

Tyrral is the lover to and stalwart ally of Sepaheerene, Goddess of Magic. In one particular instance Tyrrals forces were laid siege to by the Archdevil Asmodeus. The battle was all but won for the Archfiend as he and his forces closed on Tyrral and his honor guard. The situation was grim when the fighting began, Tyrral him self was wonded by the Archdevil in a fight with 5 Pitfiends. It was at this point that Sepherene intervened and she singlehandedly turned the battle and routed the enemy. Her righteous fury was something terrifying and beautiful. The amount of magic released from her that day forever changed the face of that battlefield ripping it from the lower planes and forcing it into the material plane, cleansed in spellfire. Today that island still stands and is a mecca for both the clergy of Tyrral as well as the magi of Sepherene.

Thedanna LG Lady of Nobility, Glorious Knight-General Good, Law, Nobility, War and Glory
Favored Weapon: Longsword

Thedanna started as a young human paladin of Tyyral. When her training at the temple was done she returned home to her father, who was a noble and powerful lord. She became his Knight General and led her forces to glorious victory at every turn. It wasn’t until the forces of midnight invaded that she finally was defeated and died. The undead horde laid siege to her fathers kingdom and she was able to orchestrate the escape of the majority of the citizenry, both high and low born. The result however was that her main fighting force was woefully inadequate. It did not take long for her fighting force to be killed to a man, or woman as it were.

It was in that moment of sacrifice that her soul was visited by Metram and was given the opportunity to rise up and defeat the forces of midnight. When she awoke she was clad in armor that shone like sunrise and wings that were as bright as midday. She then laid waste to the Midnight Force with the aid of both followers of Tyrral and Metram. After the battle was won and with the graces of Tyrral she became the chosen of Metram. She then continued her exploits and led many victorious battles against the forces of evil and she was raised to Godhood. She is the patron of the highborn knight and strategist.

Arendil CG God of the freedom, of protection, elves Chaos, good, strength, liberation and protection
Favored Weapon: Longbow, Composite Longbow or Mighty Composite Longbow

Arendil was a humble elf from a forest kingdom long lost. He proved himself as a capable archer and ranger. A demon tyrant invaded his forest and enslaved his people. In answer to this Arendil managed to escape and start a resistance to the demon prince. It took centuries of guerrilla warfare but eventually overthrew the demon prince but at the cost of his own life. It was this great sacrifice that he was infused the powers of a god and became the god of the elves of protection and liberty.

Dyrin CG God of thievery and luck Chaos Good Luck Trickery and Travel
Favored Weapon: Rapier

Dyrin is the god of luck and trickery. This gnome grew up a street urchin in a long lost large city. As he grew he had a talent for sticky fingers and learned very quickly in order to get away unscathed he would play tricks on his pursuers. Usually non lethal it would buy him enough time to disappear. This allowed him to rise through the ranks of a thieves guild and lead them in a different direction. They waged a shadow war against those who gained wealth through trickery or or tyranny. When the guild would rob they would always redistribute the wealth to those less fortunate. In one heist in particular he stumbled upon ambrosia which allowed him to become immortal and continue his war though out time. Over centuries of his charity it cought the eye of Tyyral who granted him god hood.

Metram NG God of the sun, Lord of Healing Good, Sun, Healing Knowlege and Nobility
Favored Weapon: Heavy Mace

Metram started his life in training as a priest to the Old Goddess of the sunrise. This is where he learned to battle the powers of midnight. As he grew he became the lore master of his faith. His noble heart and deep seeded feeling of justice soon granted him favor in the noble courts when he protected an entire city from a great necromancer. This necromancer outraged vowed vengeance. Decades later the same city was laid to siege by this necromancer. His armies only became stronger the more they killed. Metram intervened and made his way to the necromancer at the height of his power, the hour of midnight. Metram through his faith in the morning his iron will and razor blade wit made him victorious and he defeated an entire army of undead and one of the most powerful necromancers this world has ever seen single handedly.

It was this act that propelled him into becoming the chosen of the Goddess of the sunrise. He served faithfully until his lady was tragically defeated in the battle of everlasting night. The battle was won but the loss of the lady was deep and profound, the responsibility of the sun rising then came to Metram which he accepted with humble sorrow at the death of his patron. He has served his followers as Lord of the Rising sun ever since.

Sepherene NG Goddess of magic, Lady of the White, Lore Mistress Good, Magic, Knowledge, Destruction, Rune and Protection
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Not much is known about Sepherene’s raise to Godhood. It is not known if she was once mortal or was a planar creature who rose to this station. What is known is she has been the Goddess of Magic from before the time before the War Immortal. She is the lover and ally of Tyrral. Sepherene and her clergy protects knowledge of all kind, some so vile that it could destroy the world. In one nameless indecent Sepherene was invaded in her home plane by a Devil Lord with the help of Dravin, her brother Lord of the Black, Master of the Dark. The battle was bleak but Tyrral arrived with a host of Solars and Astral Devas. Such was the righteous fury of Tyrral and his choir of angels that the ground split and burst a flame with a golden glowing flame which healed the wounded members of Sepherene’s force and purged the fiends and undead in ritous fire. The combined forces of the Devil Prince and Dravin were routed both swearing vengeance on Tyrral and all of his followers.

This relationship resonates through out the church everything from images of Tyrral in the temples to the fervent aid that the worshipers of Sepherene bestow on the worshipers of Tyrral.

Ishraa LN Lord of Death, Shepard of Souls, The Gatekeeper, The Judge Law, Repose, Protection, Death
Favored Weapon: Scythe

Ishraa appears always as a dark cloaked figure never showing any skin at all. No one, god or mortal, has ever seen his face. He is, as his portfolio recommends, he is the god of the dead. He is the judge of all souls and fairies them to where they are meant to go.

Ishraa has but one enemy whom he combats with a cold, calculating fury, that enemy is Dravin as Dravin is the Lord of Necromancy. Ishraa sees all undead as an abomination, period. Ishraa clergy is few and far between, and he has never fielded many priests and he has no paladins. The clergy he does have are extremely powerful as Ishraa takes a personal interest in selecting his priests. They have even fewer temples and they are adorned in a Gothic style fashioned after the idea of the dead. The priesthood spends its time traveling the land sanctifying the ground where the dead is laid to rest and taking the eternal battle between him and Dravin to the necromancer as Ishraas followers are charged with hunting down and destroying all of the followers of of Dravin. It is Ishraas goal to completely destroy Dravin.

Yuraak LN Forge King, Dwarvin lord of Power Law, Strength, Protection and Artifice
Favored Weapon: Warhammer

Yuraak started as chief artificer. His rise to Godhood is shroweded in mystery, though the popular belief is that he had been the builder of the dwarvin mountain stronghold and thus the savior of all dwarvin kind. It was for this that the old dwarvin gods raised Yuraak to lead the dwarves in the future.

Dravin NE Lord of Undeath, Dark Lord of Magic Magic, Evil, Death, Knowledge, Destruction
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Dravin is the master of necromancy. He is also the brother of Sepherene and as Sepherene no one knows the origins of Dravin. But what is known is that at one point in history Dravin was a lesser god of Magic. Over the centuries, the histories hold, is that Dravin figured a way to assassinate the old god of dark magic and necromany, Midnight. He was successful in this plot and destroyed Midnight and assumed his mantle. In this single act Dravin was propelled to greater god status. This put him at the same power level as his sister, whom he hates.

Lycanthius LE Lord of Tyranny, The Black Knight Law, Evil, War and Glory
Favored Weapon: Bastard sword

Lycanthius was the chosen on the old god of tyranny and war. Lycanthius took up his masters mantle when the old god of tyranny was defeated by a young upstart general, Tyrral. Lycanthius has ruled with an iron fist ever since. Lycanthius is a tactical genius and a peerless blade master, his only match is found in Tyrral.
Lycanthius has and never used any underhanded tactics like assassins. He also never lies or goes back on his word, he feels these kind of tactics are an afront to his honor and sees them as beneath him.

Battleright Religion

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