Battlerite General History

In the beginning Man, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Gnome and Halfling lived in peace and harmony. Though vastly different all races rejoiced in their diversity. No one knows who threw the first punch but the gauntlet was thrown down and plunged all the lands into what is now called the War Immortal as the conflict lasted for 10,000 years. Through this war many battles were fought, many borders were drawn, lost and drawn again. Many alliances were made and many were betrayed.

No one knows who or how the war ended but The Spellshackle Armistice was signed and the war was over. By the end of the war many had suffered great losses. The orcs, once an empire of proud poet warriors was shattered, though no one knows the how or why of it. What was left after The Great Shattereing of the Narbazzad Empire what remained of the Orcs was roving bands of bandits, raiders and berzerekers. Over thousands of years of burning raping and pillaging there is a subculture of the Orcish remnant, the half orc, has been created and absorbed by the humans.

The once proud and noble Halfling nation was shattered defending something that has been lost to time. What was left of the Halfings were adopted by the Human Kingdoms, save the Blackhand family who remains to this day roaming the land as traveling gypsies.

The once strong and proud stone cities of the dwarfs were all raised and the dwarves were pushed back to their mountain strongholds where they stay to this day and thrive as a culture of craters, miners, and warriors.

The Gnomes kept their lands though now much diminished. See the Gnomes fought their enemies with steam powered weapons which was the source of much destruction and the cause of much fear. Only the Gnomes could meld steam powered machines and magic to make the dreaded Steam Tank. However they were eventually pushed back losing more than half of what was once theirs and a vast majority of their knowledge as their capital burned. To this day the Gnomes still can not recreate the Steam Tank.

Though much destruction was wrought by The War Immortal not all was lost. The Humans and the Elves who fought some of the most vicious, bitter and blood soaked battles of the entire war came together in the end and drafted the Spellshackle Armistice and created the White Council of Wizards. This council who interprets, enforces, and protects the Armistice to this day.

With regards to the humans and the elves. The humans split into seven large kingdoms and formed the Circle of Seven who meets once a year to settle disputes to avoid war, and should that fail the Council of Seven also meets to end wars as well.

The Elves returned to the forests of the west and cultivated the now great Elven Empire. Though there are a few elven kingdoms in the glaciers to the north and the deserts to the east, they al answer to the rule of law from the Elven Empire.

It has been 5000 years since the end of the war and there has been a tenuous peace through out the land. However seers and those who are wise feel on the breeze a cold and dark omen…

Battlerite General History

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