The Nations

Liendreil The Elven Empire
Capital: Lieanfurel
Alignment: NG

The vast forests of the west hold the elven empire of Liendreil, last empire of the elves. Currently ruled by Queen Areneth Silverleaf. she is the oldest and wises of the elves. She is also a wizard with a power and knowledge of the arcane that is unmatched in mortal society. As the Queen of Liendreil she is also the guardian of the gate. She protects the material place from the plane of the Fae, she also protects the land of the fae from the denizens of the material plane.

There are other elven strong holds in other kingdoms however they are still under the rule of the queen.

This matriarchal society is ruled by the queen but beneath the queen is the council of elders. This council is made up of the nine eldest members of society. They serve as council to the queen and her most trusted advisers. They also serve as an interim government should the queen pass on the the Island of Summers End. They will also step in should the queen ever need to be deposed, however in the entirety of elven society this has never been done.

The Elves military force is a mix of some of the most disciplined and efficient fighting forces. They are agile, even in their elven plate armor, and move quickly and with purpose on the battlefield. As all elves have some inherent magical ability, those who are in the infantry, this is manifested in ability for the chain of command to communicate with each other during the rage of battle. What this means is that Generals can give commands instantly to and individual fighting unit. This allows battlefield flexibility.

They have their expeditionary force of rangers which are deployed prior to battle to set the battlefield and allow for the generals to gain and keep ownership of the actual battlefield. These rangers also serve as scouts and are the archer force of the army when battle is actually met.

Then there is the force of battle mages. These are the artillery of the army. They soften their opponents before the main charge.

Daily life for the elven community is a mix between tending their professions, whether it be farming, gardening, blacksmithing ect, and in the elfs try to achieve perfection in everything they do. When they are not working they are training to reach perfection in martial and magical ability, whether this is spell casting, sword play or archery. There is no poverty in the empire.

The economy is very much like a commune and they have very little need or want for trade outside their forest. This does not mean that trade does not happen on a small scale, however The Elven Empire does not import or export anything.

Northen Kingdom of Azaran
Capital: Azaran Keep
Alignment: LG

This kingdom is a human kingdom to the north. A hearty and honorable people they can weather even the fiercest winter. The kingdom is run by King Godfrey Drogaust knight and paladin of Tyrral. King Drogaust rules his lands with temperance, justice and mercy.

The government is made up of the King and his 6 knights. Each of these knights has a domain within the Kingdom of Azaran. They meet each month to discuss the matters of state and and make decisions. Each of these knights have had to serve a year and a day in the service of Tyrral either as a paladin or cleric.

Some of the people of Azaran do known poverty, though it is very limited and the Church of Tyyral expend a large amount of resources caring for those who have fallen on hard times.

The economy of Azaran is based on the standard gold coin. They import cloth, other than wool and furs, rugs, and spices. They export lumber, metal and stone from the mountain ranges, and wool and furs. They are also partly an agrarian society in that each keep is surrounded by enough farm land to support the needs of the citizen.

The military is broken up among the knights. Each knight has a battalion made up of infantry, cavalry and archers. They also employee siege equipment like catapults and trebuches. The church serves as protection for the people when a keep is under siege or when the solgers are out fighting. The church also serves as the medical wing of the military.

Generaly those who are born into a position of power stay in power. However the normal citizen does have a chance to rise to the level of lordship if they have proven their valor in battle and if they can stand the test of faith and serve Tyrral for a year and a day.

The Nations

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